Living Revolutionary Workshop Experience

Explore.  Grow.  Achieve.  These are the three core principles for creating your revolutionary life.  During this one-day self-development and self-achievement workshop we will:

Explore your core values to establish what you stand for, why these are important to you, and how you can hold true to them throughout your life's journey.  Then we will connect them to your life's passions and all you wish to achieve.  


Grow your self-awareness, situational-awareness, emotional intelligence, confidence, and motivation.  While also growing the skills and resources available to you to handle stress and stressful situations, seek truth over true for me, and walk your talk as you choose to. 


Achieve the creation of a detailed written journal of who you are, what you wish to achieve, and how you plan to get there. 

All while expanding your personal support network, building a detailed action plan, and taking those all-important first steps towards living revolutionary.


No revolution, industrial, technological or personal, happens without the support, encouragement and guidance of others.   Together we can build your revolutionary life from the inside out. 

More information on Living Revolutionary Workshops coming to your area coming soon.  Corporate and group package quotes available upon request.  Click here to request a quote.

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