Success In Challenging Life Transitions:

Caring For Loved Ones Recovering From Catastrophic Injury Or Illness

Face Your Fears/Embrace Change/Empower Choice/Discover You/ Find Opportunity/Gain Perspective/Stand With Confidence

Embracing change can be difficult.

When that change involves caring for a severly injured or ill loved one the physical, emotional and financial challenges can quickly overwhelm you.  Ofen fear, doubt, and uncertainty are not uncommon and often keep us from moving forward and achieving our dreams.    At New Horizons we help you reconnect with you life passions, explore the options available to you to continue to pursue them as you face new challenges, tackle the impacts and implications your choices may have, empower you to choose the path you desire, move forward purposefully, help you find effective tools to achieve timely and sustainable results and reach your new normal's full potential.  


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Individual Coaching Packages

Face-to-Face = $105 per session

Phone/Video Conferencing = $90 per session


Sessions take place once a week.  Each session lasts for approximately one hour.  Face-to-face sessions only available at locations within 25 miles of King of Prussia, PA

6-Month Package (24 sessions)

10% discount applied upon completion of the full 24 sessions. 

3-Month Package (12 sessions)

5% discount applied upon completion of the full 12 sessions.

1-Month Package (4 sessions)

Recommended introductory package.

Living Revolutionary Workshop Packages

$75 per person per workshop

(8-person minimum 20-person maximum)

Each workshop lasts for approximately 5 hours

  Travel costs may apply.

Custom corporate/group packages and pricing

available upon request.

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