What if the horizon was just the beginning?

At New Horizons we believe that true freedom is freedom of choice.  That is why we treat the coaching experience as, like life, a unique and individualized endeavor.  We understand that each person's desire to live revolutionary is rooted in their own life experiences, beliefs, and values.  We understand that everyone is driven forward, and held back, differently.  This is why we work diligently to create a safe, confidential, empowering and energizing space for each for everyone to explore, grow and achieve their revolutionary life.

Becoming Revolutionary

Our process is as simple as building a snowman but the experience is an inspirational deep dive into building greater mindfulness through:

  • Connection - with self, inner-passions, external opportunities and the world of resources around us.

  • Empowerment - through our strengths, balance of mind, body, and soul, and elevating our energetic presence.

  • Action - using effective goal-setting, regular accountability, and a we never walk alone mindset.

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"Since meeting Don a year ago I have seen tremendous improvements in my life.  When we first met I was amidst a transition from my childhood dream of being a professional athlete to starting a new career in business.  Don helped me to bridge that gap and empowered me to take control of my new career.  Don has been paramount in guiding me on the path to my goals and I am grateful for the relationship we have developed.  If you are looking to improve your life in any way I highly recommend reaching out to Don to chat and explore how he can help.  Thank you Don for all that we’ve done together"


Former Professional



"Don helped me  articulate and move forward with  my goals and move beyond the obstacles that had me feeling stuck.  He kept my confidence levels high while helping me stay on track.  Don is a compassionate listener and strong motivator.  I highly recommend him.  He is a passionate coach that helps you be the best you and live life intentionally.  My experience was life-changing!"       




"Don's knowledge, sincerity and humor are what I connected with.  This connection played an intricate role in helping me gain perspective and grow as a person and a professional. Don helped me discover blocks I had been blind to and move past them to achieve my goals. I looked forward to each session and the momentum they created for me and the forward thinking approaches they opened up to me.  He is a  responsible, highly motivated, genuine and thorough coach.  I'm proud to have worked with him and of what I've achieved through my sessions with him."


Business Owner


"I had great breakthroughs while being coached by Don that have allowed me to head more confidently into every situation I face in life. The questions he asked made me think about situations in a different light even when I was sure I had thought of everything. Keeping me focused on one item for long enough to actually make progress on it was definitely something Don assisted me with.   Don is an excellent coach who used all of his tools and knowledge to help me accomplish my goals for each session. This allowed me to make even more progress than I  expected. Since I always set the agenda and made the final decision as to how something was to be handled, I was always committed to following through and dedicated to the outcome."


Business Owner



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